We want to lead our players to success – as athletes and humans. Our approach is holistic and we believe that development, ambitions and making the right decisions move careers. We constantly strive to maximize the player’s performance, potential and career by providing a 360° range of services.  We believe that with the support of dedicated, ambitious and professional people, you go even further.


We represent players who play on national and international level. We work closely with our players which includes career planning, contract negotiations, transfers, tax and legal advice, endorsement deals and branding. Our wide international network ensures that our players can succeed domestically and abroad. Our relationship with the player is based on transparency, honesty and ongoing communication.

Our work is to help the players take control over their own performance and development to reach their true potential as athletes and humans. We do it through a wide range of services based on the players needs. Whether it is video analysis, match evaluation, individual training, mental coaching or guidance in education, we always have the players needs and development in mind.

The player is a brand and the signals he sends to the outside world are important. We provide counseling and media management to ensure that the players media presence is managed with attention. We advice and help the player in personal branding and in the use of social media. With our in-house branding and media team, we want to offer our players a platform and a modern way of creating unique content.


Alex Lindström / 04.06.2006 / Lyngby Boldklub

Anis Slimane / 16.03.2001 / Brøndby IF

Anton Jensen / 12.08.2006 / Odense Boldklub

Benjamin Damsgaard / 21.07.2005 / AaB

Besar Ameti / 25.02.2004 / FA 2000

Charly Nouck / 21.03.2004 / Odense Boldklub

Ferhan Hasani / 18.06.1990 / KF Shkëndija

Hjalte Nebo / 03.04.2007 / Lyngby Boldklub

Jakob Jessen / 05.03.2004 / Odense Boldklub

Jonathan Fischer / 09.11.2001 / Hobro IK

Law Tam Khuu / 03.08.2005 / Odense Boldklub

Lucas Ziegler / 28.09.2003 / Brøndby IF

Omer Kaqiu / 26.02.2004 / Randers FC

Rasmus Eriksen / 07.01.2006 / Brøndby IF

Samuel Juel / 21.04.2005 / Odense Boldklub

Sebastian Biller / 01.11.2006 / Silkeborg IF

Valdemar Lykke / 16.11.2007 / Lyngby Boldklub

Vitus Friis / 31.03.2007 / Odense Boldklub

William Martin / 23.04.2007 / Odense Boldklub

Youcef Mokdad / 03.07.2003 / Hellerup IK


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Owner & Certified Football Agent

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Mark G. Hansen


Certified Football Agent

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